The SAAS-2 Helps Keep Attention

Providing automated safety video or tour guide content to your passengers is often part of their experience. In order to keep up with what passengers want, you more than likely have, or will have, a Wi-Fi system in your fleet coupled with a passenger entertainment and public address system. 

We designed the SAAS-2 audio/video switching device to remove the need for the driver to manually switch automated content to the onboard screens.  The SAAS-2 can be configured in multiple ways so that it automatically switches audio and video either based on a line-level input priority signal and/or based on whether the entertainment’s system’s amplifier is already on.  If the entertainment system’s amplifier isn’t on, the built in amplifier in the SAAS-2 will be used to amplify the audio to the vehicle speakers.

Enhance Your Riders’ Safety and Enjoyment

The SAAS-2 removes the need for the driver to manually control the entertainment/PA system. It integrates with the built-in entertainment/PA system and provides the following:

  • Automatically prioritizes audio and video source switching
  • No driver interaction required
  • Creates customized audio and visual solutions
  • Sensitivity and delay time for all switching is adjustable
  • Adapts to existing and new installations

Connected Mobile Solutions Helps With All Your Passenger Information Needs

You have numerous factors to consider when choosing the Information Passenger info systems that are right for your fleet. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you figure out what will work best for your purposes. If it turns out that you need something more specific to your business, we can engineer and design a custom system just for you.

Once you choose a system, we will assist you with the installation information and provide you with ongoing support. We work closely with your maintenance team to maintain, repair, update and replace hardware and software as needed. Our custom engineering and proprietary products like the SAAS-2 set us apart from other companies.

Learn how Connected Mobile Solutions can keep you no matter where you are. Reach out today!